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Demily Lims

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A Last Icon Maker Standing dedicated to Emily Deschanel & David Boreanaz


Welcome to demily_stills a Last Icon Maker Standing dedicated to Emily Deschanel & David Boreanaz. Each week new challenges will occur and makers will create new icons and vote until all but one maker is eliminated. That maker will be the LAST ICON MAKER STANDING.

Monday. Results & New challenge
Monday-Friday. Icon Submission
Friday - Sunday. Voting
Any questions? Feel absolutely free to ask. :)


1-You must to be a member of the community to participate and in order to participate in the contest, you must sign up at the sign up post.
2- Everybody automatically gets one skip. This allows you to not enter one round without being eliminated. However, skips may not be used in the seminifinal and final round.If you fail to enter an icon in those rounds or when you've already used your skip, you'll be disqualified. Everyone can earn one more skip by promoting the community.
3-Each Sunday (timeline can vary), I will post a new challenge that either contains a public apareances, a photoshoot or something else that is David Boreanaz, Emily Deschanel & Demily related. You have to create an icon using only the picture provided.
4-Your icons must be no bigger than 100x100 and must not exceed LJ standards. All effects are allowed EXCEPT animation.
5-Entries must be created for the challenge and not posted elsewhere until results for the particular challenge are revealed.
6-Your entries should look like this:

7-In every challenge you'll have to vote for Lesser quality icons and for better quality ones. The participant who receives the most negative votes will be eliminated. (positive votes make up for the negative votes)
8-The given reasons must concern the icon quality. Not personal issues ("I just don't like that style"etc.)
9-Participants must vote
10-Besides the People's choice, every week we will have a Mod's choice. Both of them can't be eliminated in the next challenge!.